Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A new year, and a new CBR

Well, in a complete shock to no one, I managed not to hit my goal in CBR 8 (in reviews, at any rate - I read more than I needed to). I have a new job that will make both reading and writing time a challenge (ironically, as I'm working for a writing program at a university), so I'm sticking to my modest quarter-cannon goal. My hope this year is that I will take notes as I read so that I can review immediately following, or at least have a reference for a later date. The hardest thing for me when I put off reviews is remembering what the hell I thought about the book months after the fact. So even if the only thing I accomplish is that, I'll be proud.

Remember to check in with the brilliant community over at cannonballread.com for more reviews, and for links to buy books that will donate money to the fight against cancer!

Happy New Year!