Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And so it begins...

There's this wonderful site I've visited just about every day for the past...oh...5 or 6 years, called Pajiba.  The wonderful folks over there started a tradition in 2008 called Cannonball Read.  The basic principle behind this is to read 52 books in as many weeks.  It was started by a lovely person called Prisco who challenged the hospital bound AlabamaPink to read 100 books in a year.  (Both being regular contributors and commenters on the site at the time.)  Between this challenge and its second year, 'Bama lost her battle with cancer. Then Pajiba took this competition and made it into something really special - every time one of us completes the new challenge of 52 books in a year, with accompanying reviews, money is donated to a college fund for AlabamaPink's child.  This is magical.

As an avid  reader, I've always watched and longed to be part of the Cannonball Read, but was always too daunted by the volume.  I wasn't sure I could read AND review that many books in a year.  I'm still not. So I am pledging myself to the newly modified challenge - I'm attempting a Half Cannonball.  That's 26 books in the year 2011.  I think this is doable.  If I manage the full Cannonball, so much the better!

Added bonus incentive this year?  We're allowed a head start. As the Cannonball Read has previously started in November, we are allowed to include anything read since November in the 2011 read, despite the contest beginning in good earnest on January 1st. So I'm starting tonight.  Wish me luck and happy reading!


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