Thursday, April 26, 2012

CBR IV Review #11,12,13 - Irish Hearts Trilogy by Nora Roberts

Normally I start off with quotes, but I had a hard time locating them, and I read this series over a month ago, so I'll be damned if I remember any.  So tough.  Life is hard.  ;-)  And yes, this is yet another Nora Roberts series.  The next review?  Also of a Nora Roberts series.  The one after that?  Will probably also be a Nora Roberts series. I've had a lot going on lately (bed bugs, getting married, honeymoon, finding a new place to live) and as such, I've needed some really easy reading.  It doesn't get easier than this.  The thing I like most about Roberts it that I can read these without having to work too hard, but at the same time, there's enough there for me to not get bored.  She's great at writing characters I find myself committed to, and that's what really hooks me into a book.

That being's important to note that this series starts with the first book of Roberts' career, and it shows.  The writing is stiff, there is only one sex scene to each (which anyone who reads her regularly will find surprising) and the story moves at an odd pace.  Everything seems to rush together at the end, and that wasn't really satisfying for me.  Roberts also seems to have a penchant, in this series anyway, for putting each of her female leads through something traumatic.  Adelia faces attempted rape, Erin is kidnapped and held hostage, Keeley is beaten.  Cut these women a break!  Also, being Irish does not make them simple.  I get that Erin and Adelia, coming from small town farm country in Ireland (and in the 80s at that) would have had less access to modern conveniences, but Jesus Mary and Joseph do they sound like retards when they are wandering about the US seeing all our crazy tech.  Like cars.  It was frustrating.

You'll notice I'm lumping all three reviews together here, and not really outlining the plots of any - that's because I don't feel like wasting the time.  Roberts has written more than 209 novels (so sayeth Wikipedia, so grain of salt), so it seems silly to waste time elaborating on my feelings on the only trilogy of hers that I have no feelings on.  I can't say I hated them, but they didn't inspire me to give a shit about them either.  Easily skippable - move on to some of her other, better works (of which there are many reviews on this blog - she's my go-to for fluff writing).

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