Tuesday, August 6, 2013

CBR V Review #32: Just for Now by Rosalind James

The third book in the Escape to New Zealand series, and another fun read.

Like its predecessors, Just for Now focuses on the relationship between an ex-pat from the US and an All Black rugby player.  This one is a little different, tonally, as the relationship involves two children.  Finn is a widower, and Jenna comes into his life to be the nanny.  He has two children, Sofia and Harry.  Jenna has her own baggage in a failed marriage, which ended when she found her husband cheating on her (not to mention her family drama of a bitchy, trailer trash mom who valued her boyfriends over her daughter).  Jenna loves the kids, and naturally, ends up loving Finn, too.

I liked the added new element of the kids to this one, although it removed it from my own frame of reference a bit (my friends are only just starting to make babies, and my husband and I have no immediate plans for any of our own).  It does make for an interesting obstacle.  Many romance novels go for the standards - the ex, the player rep, the parent drama - so having the kids be a reason to stay away from each other, and take it slow really worked.

I love the casual way the characters from previous books pop up.  It's lovely to read and go "ooh, Kate and Koti's wedding is being planned" or "aw, Hannah and the baby" and the like.  They don't pull focus; there's no wink wink, nudge nudge about their appearances.  It's just nice to see them again.

Once I finish this series, I think I'm going to be really sad there aren't more.  Till then, expect more reviews of them.  They make wonderful summer reading.

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