Thursday, December 18, 2014

A short bonus post update

So, you may have noticed a complete lack of reviews in the past year.  I've read 32 books as part of my half cannon commitment to CBR VI, but then failed to review a single one of them.  This makes me sad.

As such, I'm going to attempt to review at least a handful of them here before the year ends, and with it, my chance to contribute to CBR VI.  Then, starting the first of the year, we'll see if I can't do better with CBR VII.

For any random people who actually read this blog, which I imagine is only other Cannonballers, but whatever - please go visit Cannonball Read and see all the magnificent reviews posted by people who were much better at this whole thing this year than I was.  And buy books through the links included on the reviews if you are interested in buying those books - they donate a portion of the sale to our charity when you do!

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