Monday, February 18, 2013

CBR V Review #13: I am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to Be Your Class President by Josh Lieb

“Crime is for poor people. You don't need to rob the bank if you own it.”

Another audiobook.  It took me a long time to think of what I wanted to say about this book, and I still don't really have an answer.  It left me completely apathetic.  It's not good, it's not bad - it just is.

Genius is about Oliver Watson, an evil genius 12 year old who plays the idiot in his daily life to hide the fact that he is the third richest person on earth.  In an effort to earn his father's approval (something he continually denies needing), Oliver runs for student government, using all his evil skills and connections to succeed. 

Reviews on GoodReads would suggest this book is totally hilarious.  I didn't really find it to be so.  Oliver is profoundly unlikeable, and since he is both our narrator and protagonist, it makes it a little hard to give a crap about his story.  A lot of the humor is fairly obvious, and I think I expected something a little more subversive from someone who works for The Daily Show.  It's comedy.  I found my mind wandering during passages.  I'd be more interested in a book that explored Oliver and Tatiana, as her involvement in any scene made me more interested in the proceedings.

In terms of audiobook review, the reader does a great job.  He employs a large number of voices for the characters, and generally to great effect.  I HATED the interstitial music.  I have no idea why it was there, or how they chose when it was employed, because it seemed to just play sometimes for no reason at all.  And was annoying. 

Best scene?  The scene between Liz Trombley and The Motivator.  Every beat of that is comic gold and I loved it.

I'm not even giving this book stars because I don't wanna.  I don't want it to be compared with other things I've rated with whatever star number, because I genuinely don't feel feelings about this.  Maybe I was just in the wrong frame of mind when I played it, I don't know.  This book is beige.

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